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How To Use Hair Clip


“How to use hair clip” is an essential question nowadays because the different types and patterns of hair clips make us confused about their use.

We see a lot of new and stylish hair clips every day in the marketplace. But, it does not always convey to us the idea of how to use hair clips that are different in looks and style too.

Some are for casual use to secure braids. Or to use it in shower or washing face, cut hair away from the face while applying cosmetics, or you may make messy easygoing hairdos for regular work offices or going out.

You may use some of them to secure hair away from the face for exercise yoga sports. Style your hair for work at the school office-mixed drink parties. Your smooth hairdo or safe wet hair while showering cosmetics application shower; a dynamic way of life in a hurry adornment.

Now, let’s see how to use hair clips of different designs and patterns:

Hair adornments come in heaps of various shapes and sizes. Many are extraordinary for getting your haircuts, some help you get your bangs off your face, and others work similarly, just as hair enhancements. 

Look at How To Wear A Hair Clip Tips And Tricks complete guide and determine which ones make your appearance gorgeous or straightforward, just like the way you want yourself to be.

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1. Jaw cut Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Jaw cut Hair Clip

A jaw cut is practically utilized as an option compared to a pin for keeping longer hair up and far removed. 

Jaw cuts arrive in a scope of sizes, tones, and styles-including minuscule “smaller than usual jaw cuts.” There are even diamante encrusted ones and jaw cuts with twirls and different examples. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

Brush hair back into a braid and handle with hand, curve hair and lift upwards and secure with jaw cut along the length of the turn. 


The jaw cut is an extraordinary method to move your hair if you want to wash your face or shower without making your hair wet. 

Appropriate Hairstyles

Jaw cuts arrive in a scope of sizes, so you’re probably going to discover one reason for your hair’s length. Closer dispersed teeth mean they’re more appropriate for better hair types. “MIni jaw clips” are an excellent method of isolating bits of hair and going for a more easy going “beachy” look. 


Jaw clips turn out best for easygoing events when you have your pants on, and you’re going to the shopping center or something. If you’re in more formal places like the office, jaw clasps can be helpful in the workplace or even a decent supper. 

As We Would See It

Utilizing a jaw clasp to get a braid and transform it into an upstyle is a simple and successful approach to look very exquisite and hot. However, the “mini jaw clips” are for the little youngsters. Don’t forget that.

2. Comb Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Comb Hair Clip

These are the tiny plastic brushes that you embed into your hair to secure it set up. Varieties are basically in size-a a more excellent search, clearly being a definitive decision for thicker hair. Hand-sawn brushes are more hair-accommodating yet will, in general, be costly. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

These combs are easy to utilize, however, just when your know-how. Indeed you put them in reverse and topsy turvy, and this is so when you flip them over, they lock your hair tight. After you flip the brush and wedge it into your hair, the teeth should point toward the front of your head. 

If you need an updo or you want to wear a braid to a more conventional event, these are unquestionably the ideal choice. 

Tips: It’s not difficult to get a milder look by pushing the comb forward a piece and making more cushiness around the face.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Combs are extraordinary for styling both medium and long hair. They’re a decent method of making an updo or disposing of your bangs if you’re developing them out. Searches help make French twists. 

They’re incredible for getting ponytails and making them look somewhat changed (e.g., reaching the finish of your braid and creating a fan impact, or what’s occasionally called a “topsy tail”).


If you need an updo or you want to wear a ponytail to a more formal event, these are indeed the ideal alternatives. 

As We Would See It

We like these combs and, when combined with an updo, look exceptionally hot in a simple sort of way-like dim chocolate and red wine on a Sunday night which is rainy.

3. Scarf Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Scarf  Hair Clip

By and large, these embellishments incorporate any sort of material that is wrapped or tied around the head. 

The primary distinction between these adornments is texture, width, length (and how frequently it’s folded over the head), and whether the surface is fitted to sit on the head like a cap tied at the back. 

How To Use 

Scarves and head wraps are just about as simple as “spot, wrap and tie.” 


Scarves are helpful for safeguarding your haircut when you travel to your occasion. Simply recall not to tie them excessively tight. Otherwise, you may feel a headache, and your hair may be harmed.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Scarves and temporary head wraps work with any length of hair, and they help camouflage long haircuts as well (by tucking the size under). 


Texture extras that you fold over your head, regardless of whether they’re sewn, silk, splendidly shaded, slight, thick, or extra long, consistently make a hippy and boho look. 

Certainly, wear them at home to do a touch of housework, yet on the off chance that you want to use them when you are out, stick to easygoing occasions like shopping at your neighborhood swap meet or tasting a latte in your closest craftsmen’s town. 

As We Would See It

It’s challenging to wear a headscarf or a wrap and genuinely do work that boho look, so be cautioned.

4. Pins Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Pins Hair Clip

Pins are flimsy metal, bent toward one side and open at the other. Clasps arrive in various sizes and tones, and they likewise range from plain to adornments encrusted. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

Pins are extraordinary for getting buns and more proper styles like chignons. 


Pins that match your hair tone are an excellent method to make undetectable hold, yet on the off chance that you need some radiance, attempt pins with a bit of ornamentation. Likewise, if you’re utilizing pins, a touch of hairspray for some additional hold will not go off to some faraway place. 

If you stick your hair into a bun, you genuinely need medium to long hair (yet if you have short-length hair and you’d like something like a clip, you can generally attempt a hairpiece). 

Appropriate Hairstyles 

If you stick your hair into a bun, you genuinely need medium to long hair (yet if you have short hair and you want something like a chignon, you can generally attempt a hairpiece). 


Buns and chignons hairstyles, made by sticking the hair, are dazzling for exceptional events since, like other updos, they adequately flaunt your neck, shoulders, and cheekbones. 

A “exemplary chignon” and Chanel are as far as anyone knows equivalent, and with this style, the bun’s ragged a little lower on the neck. You can likewise make a bun look more easygoing, basically by choosing a few bits of hair and hauling them out for a messy look.

As We Would See It

We like elegant looks and chignons. So we pins are a fundamental embellishment for each lady. 

5. Stretch Combs Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Stretch Combs Hair Clip

Stretch brushes are somewhat similar to a hybrid of combs and hair groups at the end of the day; they are goliath hairband combs that extend around your head. Stretch combs brush indeed just come in various tones. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

Scratch the hair back, place the combs brush around the head, and secure it at the back. Stretch combs are a modest and straightforward embellishment. 


Don’t pay a lot for one!

Appropriate Hairstyles 

Stretch looks over are acceptable with any hairdo for keeping the hair off the face. 


Except if you’re a hot Brazilian soccer player (male or female), leave the stretch combs at home with the latrine cleaning extras. 

As We Would See It

Fun and modest, yet scarcely elegant and alluring. 

6. Barrette Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Barrette Hair Clip

A barrette is utilized for social events, securing or cutting the hair, holding your hair in a half-up style, braid, or cutting the bangs out of the eyes. 

Barrettes arrive in a scope of sizes, and some are more improving than others. We especially like bow hair clip barrettes right now. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

It’s pretty much as straightforward as “get and cut” with a barrette, and it’ll even fit in your pocket. 

Tips: Make sure the size of the hair barrette suits the heaviness of your hair.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Barrettes are appropriate for all hair lengths. Clasp back bangs in more limited hair or longer pieces in medium and long styles. 


When put over the eyebrow, a barrette can cause you to notice short hair, and a beautiful barrette can be very dressy. Pulling a little hair from the clasp is likewise an approach to make a more cheeky look. 

As We Would See It

Barrettes can be unpretentious and undetectable, and that is the point at which we think they look perfect. 

7. Clip/Snap Clip Tips And Tricks

Clip/Snap Clip Tips

These are those tiny metal clasps that arrive in a scope of shadings and make a “snapping” sound when they close. For the most part, they’re worn by kids, yet they can have more grown-up utilization as well. Snap cuts arrive in a scope of sizes, from minuscule to trim, and a range of shadings as well. 

How To Use Hair Clip

Put them in your hair, and snap shut-it’s that simple, and you can even do it with one hand. 


Snap cuts are utilized practically for the same things as “smaller than normal jaw cuts,” however, the benefit is they sit relatively level and somewhat more tight, so they have a safer hold. If you would prefer not to look an excessive amount like your tween little girl, keep away from the splendid tones. 

Appropriate Hairstyles 

Snap cuts help get bits of hair that are of any sort and surface. 


Snap cuts are indeed for casual looks since they’re essentially about getting layers or bits of hair that would somehow drop out of a ponytail or half-up/updo. Games and housework are the best time for their applications. 

As We Would See It

In case you’re a grown-up playing some sort of game, and you’re the sort who prefers shading coding, pull out all the stops. If not, neglect snap clasps and use something different. 

8. Elastics Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Elastics Hair Clip

These are the fastest, most minor, complex, and least expensive approaches to get your hair out of your eyes; however, they can make your hair look incredible as well. Once in a while, the easiest things are fantastic! 

“Hair flexible” is a broad term that incorporates scrunchies and ponytails. A ponytail is fundamentally a hair versatile with something improving (marbles or butterflies) appended. 

Utilizing a flexible is essentially an instance of assembling your hair and extending a versatile over it, yet if you need to do it right, look at how to get the ideal braid. 

The most effective method to Use: Using a versatile is essentially an instance of assembling your hair and extending an elastic over it. If you need to do it right, look at how to get the perfect ponytail.

Tips: Rubber types of bands aren’t hair elastics! If you prefer not to break your hair and incur torment on yourself, ensure you utilize elastic groups covered with texture or “hair elastics” made uniquely by a hairstyling organization. 

Appropriate Hairstyles 

If your hair’s long enough that you can tie up a ponytail, a hair flexible for you.


It’s a complete deception to believe that braids are only for easygoing events! No chance! Ensuring your hair’s smooth (utilizing an oar brush and utilizing the irons over the top part of your hair) will add tastefulness to your braid. Masking the elastic by folding your hair over the foundation of your pony will have a similar impact.

As We Would See It

Guess what? Ponytails that are wholly streamlined and smooth are fantastic. They look refined and exceptionally provocative. They can be a tasteful path for a lady to flaunt her flawless neck. (We didn’t care about the half-up pony of Beck’s, all things considered!)

9. Taira Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Taira Hair Clip

Tairas are crown-like hair extras that arrive in an assortment of styles and levels of detail. Tairas can be silver and gold, and the embellishment arrives in a scope of sizes-from a lavish little design to a packed Queen Elizabeth style crown. 

How To Use Hair Clip

Style your hair first and either skim the crown into your hair or spot it on top. 

Tips: Get some counsel from an expert and ensure your crown suits your haircut.

Appropriate Hairstyles

By and large, tairas work best with medium hairdos to long haircuts. Regarding which styles look best, we suggest a hair discussion. 


Unquestionably formal events just, similar to proms and weddings. 

As We Would See It

If you need to wear a crown to a conventional event, abstain from looking excessively conspicuous by coupling it with a modest dress. 

10. Head Pieces Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Head Pieces Hair Clip

Headpieces are enhancing things (like quills, blossoms, mesh, and stuff) appended to cuts and, at times, headbands. 

The undeniable contrast between headpieces is with the ornamentation, size and shading, connection (clasp or sticks), and expense. 

How To Use Hair Clip

Headpieces are generally pretty much as straightforward as a clasp and go. 

Tips: Typically, you purchase such a thing on the web, and our most significant suggestion is to ensure you see the headpiece on a model so you can gauge precisely how large it is (and try not to open the bundle from the mail and being stunned that it’s small).

Appropriate Hairstyles

Headpieces are appropriate for all hairdos and terse haircuts on the off chance that you need something truly recognizable. 


If you like the headpiece, stay with formal events like evening gatherings, the races-stuff like that where you wear a gown. 

As We Would See It

Headpieces typically look like the 1920s and craftsmanship deco, and that is a hip look whenever done unobtrusively. For something somewhat extraordinary, attempt one in case you’re going to a wedding. 

11. Headbands Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Headbands Hair Clip

Headbands are frills that lounge around the head, yet not at all like scarves. You don’t fold them over your head. 

Headbands are consistently in style, and that is because there’s a massive reach to look over. These include: ultra-thin, plait-like (for the boho look), thick (plastic or silver), brushed, contort and snap, or ornamentation. 

How To Use Hair Clip

Ensure you get the correct size headband for your noggin since it’ll hurt if it’s excessively little. 

Appropriate Hairstyles

Headbands work with anything: long haircuts, short hairdos, large wavy or wavy hairdos, and straight hairdos. If you need to scratch your hair back and get it out of your eyes, or separate the hair and make cool volume areas, the headband’s an incredible choice. 


I don’t know whether headbands would work at formal events they’re more easygoing and undoubtedly great on the off chance that you want to be a fashion-conscious person. Keep your eyes on the patterns cause headbands frequently show up, and they’re a modest and straightforward approach to look cool. 

A look that appears to come all through design consistently is a slender headband-perhaps a dainty texture headband, worn over the highest point of long hair, causing it to sit level sort of in a hippy or military style. 

As We Would See It

Headbands are helpful for youngsters and mums shopping with their kids. Be that as it may, the best thing is they can be genuinely stylish as well. 

12. Sticks Hair Clip Tips And Tricks

Sticks Hair Clip

Use sticks rather than brushes, pins, and clasps to get up styles that include assembling, bending, or rolling the hair. They can likewise be worn only for enhancement. 

Hair sticks regularly come two by two and are plain (like chopsticks) or very elaborate and produced using quality materials like silver and beautiful finishes and hanging ornamentation. They come in various lengths and sizes. 

How To Use Hair Clip 

If you’re utilizing the stick to get a bun, it’s imperative to skewer the bun, gather a part of the hair, switch and turn the stick and afterward embed it once more. 

Tips: If there’s decoration, switch the stick from elsewhere because you hazard severing it.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Sticks work to tie down buns and chignons in medium haircuts to long hairdos. They’re likewise a pleasant expansion to plaits and French turns. 


Enriching sticks utilized in updos can look extraordinary at unique events and formal occasions. They can likewise be worn as a great and easygoing option in contrast to clasps and combs. 

As We Would See It

They come all through design, and we believe they’re an excellent option in contrast to some other comparative adornments. 

13. Clasps/Banana Clips Tips And Tricks

Clasps/Banana Clips

A banana cut is the bent hair embellishment that opens and is attached toward one side. It’s commonly used to get updos. 

Similar to jaw cuts, banana cuts arrive in a scope of sizes, styles, and costs. There’s the essential tortoiseshell type and more extravagant designed banana cuts with rhinestones and diamantes. 

How To Use Hair Clip

Without much of a stretch, Banana clasps can be utilized for getting the hair in a braid. They’re additionally helpful for French turns; you should bend and fold the inch and supplement the clasp on the two finishes. 

Tips: The more drawn out and thicker your hair, the more grounded and heavier the banana cut you need.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Banana cuts work best on medium haircuts to long hairdos.


You can utilize a banana cut for a short ponytail, and we as a whole realize that a braid combined with the correct dress and frill can look extraordinary at formal events. Banana cuts additionally function admirably for a unique occasion when used to make a French twist. 

Banana cuts are acceptable, successful gadgets for simply moving your hair and doing some housework as well. 

As We Would See It

We recall banana cuts for the most part from the 80s, with thick wavy hair and the bangs, forgotten about. 

Instructions About How To Use Hair Clip Like A Cool Young Lady 

Rarely the most smoking pattern in design and magnificence is practical, moderate, and complimenting on everybody – except clasps are it. 

Hair clip barrettes, be that as it may, have grown up from that point forward, with a more significant number of plans and alternatives than simply cutting two on one or the other side of your part. It’s additionally a pattern that is not, at this point, held for our younger siblings, with ladies wearing the hair pattern during their all day or for a night out. 

There are a few ways to consolidate the clasp pattern into your look. Regardless of whether you are utilizing them to keep your hair out of your face when you’re working, adding a pop of shading to a monochrome outfit, or glitz up your hair for a night out, hairpins don’t need to cost a fortune or require any substantial styling. 

Here are some simple approaches to wear hairpins like a cool young lady without appearing as though you’re as yet in grade school. 

Business easygoing 

Regardless of what your whole day is, we as a whole have a go-to haircut that gets us up and out of the house as quickly as time permits. 

Regardless of whether it’s straightforward waves, a go through with a fixing iron, or a braid, now and again, it’s about speed over style from Monday to Friday. The excellence of the hair clip barrette pattern is you needn’t bother with much of an ideal opportunity to fuse it into your look. 

Utilize a metallic bobby pin or barrette where your hair parts in case you’re wearing it out, wavy, straight, or wavy. For straight hair, add a clasp to the two sides, or only one along the edge of your part. 

Setting a couple of more modest or more slender clips or bobby sticks simply over the ear is an essential and inconspicuous choice. Those with wavy or more voluminous hair pick more excellent or more many-sided clips or barrettes, so they stand apart from your twists. This little detail adds some spirit to your everyday look and makes you learn how to use hair clips. 

For a greater degree, an assertion looks, evaluate a gigantic hair clip barrette next to your part, or assemble some hair behind your head and secure it set up with a large clip. 

If a smooth bun or pigtail is your thing, add a clasp around the horse for some shows. For a more complex or exquisite take on the barrette, get your elaborate pearl-nitty gritty hair adornments for that more adult feel. 

Stylish and silly 

Gone to early lunch? A day of shopping? Or, on the other hand, snatching an espresso with your young ladies? Pins can add a short hint of character to a generally casual look, making it Instagram-commendable. 

Let’s tell you how to use hair clips in these cases. Play around with it and evaluate the layered look. Accumulate your hair aside and two or three clasps, one under the other. You can likewise blend and match with tones or surfaces for a bolder look. Add a curve or a plait and pin it back with a king-sized hair clip barrette or a few little ones. 

Try not to hesitate to blend and match embellishments and defy standard style guidelines. Tie your hair back with a scarf and pin any free strands with clasps or bobby sticks that will praise your look. Try to try not to over-style your hair itself and let the pins be the superstar. 

Restless and cool 

Proclamation clasps or motto barrettes are ideal for an edgier look. Disregard bearing everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity; put your feels on your hair. English planner 

The game these gem-enhanced clasps with your LBD or witticism coat. They can be stuck into smooth, straight hair or along the edge of a bun or pigtail. Trademark barrettes and marked clasps empower you to make energetic looks without any problem. 

Need to dial up the dramatization and have significantly more fun with your look? Evaluate hair expansions for more volume and length or play with tones and surfaces without responsibility or harm. Take a stab at making a long, thick plait, add various hair clips, and know how to use hair clips all through! 

Heartfelt date 

For a night out, we think essential is attractive. How to use hair clips for this type of special program is an important issue.Regardless of whether this is a metallic clasp or a barrette sticking light waves aside of your face, your hair frill should praise your whole OOTN. 

Contingent upon your arrangements for the evening, a little sparkle or metallic pin simply over the ear can add a pleasant female touch. If the event is more on the extravagant side, select a little heavier hair clip barrette on the frivolity. 

Clasps for wedding 

Beautiful clasps and pins have been utilized in wedding style for quite some time and keeping in mind that generally saved for the lady and her servants; we figure visitors can shake them as well. So, it is a must for the beautician to know how to use hair clip in the bride’s hair. 

For the lady, cuts with added subtleties like florals or plumes help praise the cloak or trade it entirely for a more present-day look. Ladies can likewise select to change their hair after the function into something more current and dance-suitable. For this situation, a clasp switch is a simple method to alter your example of restlessness. 

Hair clip barrettes are likewise regularly utilized on the lady of the hour for her vast day to help make a full updo, more voluminous twists, or to effectively add body and length. Clasps can help in the styling interaction and praise the lady of the hour’s general wedding look consistently. The best part is a marriage fastener is one of that wedding frills you can undoubtedly reuse over and over. 

For wedding visitors, clasps are the ideal spruce-up adornment. Decide on a highlight tone, pearls, or gems for a great touch. 

Clasp tips 

With regards to clasps, the arrangement is everything. Make sure to embed your clip in a way that can help feature your eyes or cheekbones, like simply over the ear with a low side-part. 

Try not to be hesitant to utilize more than one hair clip barrette and adjust them to get more hair than attempting to stick and close a lot of hair into only one clip. 

While clasps can add to your look, they don’t need to be the show’s focal point. Disperse a couple of clips (particularly more brightening or bigger ones) behind your head for a similarly beautiful look. 

Like any pattern, be thoughtful of your hair. There are countless alternatives for hairpins accessible regarding materials and the kind of fastens or terminations. Search for cuts that will not pull or break your hair. 

Likewise, attempt to discover sizes and shapes that suit your hair surface, so they will not lose all sense of direction in your mane. 

Mess around with it! The fastener pattern has a young picture connected to it, and blending it with denim overalls, for instance, may intensify a nostalgic look and feel – and if that is the thing that you’re going for, rock it! 

Something else, pair the pattern with contemporary looks and styles to give it a more full-grown feel. Knowing properly how to use hair clips on every occasion is essential for your gorgeous look.


Hair is the most favorite part of the body of women. They often become possessive to decorate their hair most stylishly and casually according to the time, event and situations. So, they use different types of hair clips for this purpose. 

Nowadays, women are all-rounders. They work at home and at the same time they work in the office too. They also take care of their babies. So, they have to tie up their hair to do all of these with comfort and without feeling disgust. 

That is why they give importance more to using different styles of hair clips. But sometimes, they don’t understand how to use hair clip that is different from others. To make our women work more comfortably, we have discussed the How to wear a hair clip and the essential tips and tricks in this article.

I hope you will find here the information you are looking for and get benefitted the most.

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