Best 30 Best Hair Clip with Flower on Amazon

Best Hair Clip with Flower


Hair clip with flower accessories are spontaneous or ornate items that are attached to your hair, wrapping, twisting, or inserting them. They are also available in a range of styles, sizes, and fabrics and are used by females all over the world. Hair clip with flowers is brilliant to keep your hairstyle in place, and others are suitable to take your bangs off your forehead, and decorative bits serve well as hair decorations.

Hair clip with flowers are the ideal way for certain women to give their appearance something unique. They are a means of expressing oneself with others. If it’s a hair comb or a perforated buckling, hair accessories can be a nice thing to look at or just to share your exclusive style. Here, you will get about the idea of the best 30 hair clips with flowers available at Amazon.

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Best Hair Clip with Flower Available at Amazon

1. Outus 15 Pieces Rose Flower Hairpin Hair Clip Flower Pin Up Flower Brooch

Key features:

  • The rose hair clip with flower can be clipped to hair, straps, caps, handbags, headbands, shirts or slim robes, and dresses, etc. 3. 15 pieces rose flower hair clip.
  • 15 Bright colors: blue, green, purple, pink, red, white, milky, orange, white, pink, deep-pink, white, mint green, red, champagne, purple, 15 lively and colorful colors. 
  • For the wedding, sea beaches, trips, festivals, music parties or the everyday life, many people are interested in this pin with the rose flower.
  • Practice and elegance: the sleek, very simple to use floral clip can be applied as a hair clip or brooch.
  • Size: measurement of flower about 10 cm in diameter; Length of bouquet about 2 cm / 0.8 inch; length of bouquet about 4 cm / 1.6″
Outus  Hairpin Hair Clip Flower

2. Amuhou Rose Flower Hair Clip with Flower Brooch for Bridal Headpiece, Flamenco Dancer 10-Pack

Key features:

  • Good for a birthday party, honeysuckles, reception, bridesmaid girls bloom, Beautiful standard, sweetheart!
  • Hair clip with flower is a large choice of colors and styles, and suitable for every reason! Packet contains 10 Hair Flower bits in different colors. To fit your custom, you can choose a suitable color.
  • Romantic beauty is from fine flowering roses. This brooch fits on a wedding from the bride.
  • This hair clip with flower is 3.9 and 1.9″ high approx.! Petals in robust cloth for hair clips and pin supports for rose floral application. Design with a hairpin that can be attached to your hair everywhere, and a clip to be used in your dress.
  • They consist of various satin fabrics Each flower has its hair clip and brooch lock. They can be cut to shirts, handbags, headbands, or tucked into small clothing such as shirts, light jackets, dresses, etc.
Amuhou Rose Flower Hair Clip

3. 40 Pcs 3-inch Grosgrain Ribbon Baby Girls Hair Bows

Key features:

  • Good hair clip with flower for many occasions! Weekend, baby shower, Christmas, and more. Baby gifts. Clips on your hair, clothes, headbands, caps, handbags, shoes, etc. are simple. The “alligator teeth” of the clip do not go away.
  • Material: Hair bows have been fastened to hot glued alligator clips steadily, not all clips have fallen off long.
  • Package contains: 40 pcs colors Three “Clips for baby girls, babies, babies, babies, kids, kids, kids, children, woman and mum, good baby choice or a baby mate, good accessories for baby photos.
  • Size: 3″ wide bows made of 1 hair “Grosgrain ribbon width, with silver metal clips attached. Shop bows hair clips hair accessory accessories.
  • The bow clips can be cut into your hair with the alligator on the back, regardless of the thickness or fine length of your hair. Good for any DIY project since the bows of grosgrain are easy to navigate.
Grosgrain Ribbon Baby Girls Hair Bows

4. DeD 40PCS 2″ Chiffon Flower Hair Bows Fully Lined Flower

Key features:

  • This hair clip with flowers are all homemade floral bows, both pretty which practical, which decorate your hair and tie your hair close. They all enjoy it, from baby girls to large girls.
  • Material: Cloth + bandwidth + metal. These hair clips look more beautiful and exquisite with high-quality fabrics.
  • The package includes 40 CHIFFON hair bows floral clips. Fantastic hair clips for girls in an elegant and original style.
  • Size: See the flowers in diameter of 5 cm/2 on the left picture, fitting fine/thick hair for babies, kids, and ladies.
  • The great color range of the hair clip with flower is so lovely and bright; Mix all wearing for the day; a collection of the great selection of colors for your ensemble. They are the gift brooch flowers for perfect artificial flower accessories! Weekend, baby shower, Christmas, and more. Baby gifts.
DeD Chiffon Flower Hair Bows

5. BONAMART Flower Hair Clips for Women, 8 pcs Brooch Corsage Hair Flowers

Key features:

  • In 2021 the packaging changed to prevent the dropping of clips. Instead of default top review, please link to the most recent consumer feedback. In the package: 8 Hair Clips of different colors. It is approximately 10 cm tall.
  • The hair clip with flowers are made from plastic and textile. Beach, beach, ride, concert, music party and everyday life, pleasant flower hair accessories;
  • This floral pin attracts the interest of many people. The flowers of the hair are 100% new and high-quality. Styling pins with women’s bundle wholesale lots for Alligator Flower Hair Clips.
  • BONAMART chic and feminine style floral girl’s hair accessories.
  • 1-year BONAMART guarantee scheme is covered and 100% fresh and high-quality floral hair film.
  • The women’s hair-flower clips are trendy and chic and make you feel particularly at home.
  • Great furniture for children, ladies and a great choice as a present for your mates.
BONAMART Flower Hair Clips

6. QtGirl Mini Felt Hair Clips Felt Flower Hair Accessories – Cute & Elegant Anytime Accessory

Key features:

  • This sweet non-slip hair clip with flower is a marvelous picture for birthdays, special presents, and everyday use. Your princess is gorgeous and still stands out!
  • Premium quality designed to feel the form of the flower attached with metal-resistant alligator clip, the teeth covered with grosgrain are very soft on your hair, they can prevent metal hair clips from actually contacting your hair, they remain in hair that doesn’t glimpse and maintain the style of hair during the day.
  • QtGirl Felt Clips-Pack of 20 Baby Hair. 10 attractive colors are given to suit your everyday equipment. 
  • With distinctive architecture and flawless appearance. Excellent present for the girls and your household.
  • specifications— The thickness of the mini bow hair clips is around 2. And it is around 1 diameter “There was a mistake. For most children, mini sizing is acceptable.
QtGirl Mini Felt Hair Clips

7. ALinmo Baby Girls Clips 24 pcs 3.5″ Chiffon Flower Clips

Key features:

  • Material of the hair clip with flower: Silver, comfortable, soft flower, and metal chiffon for kids to wear.
  • Includes: 24 pcs package (12 pairs), Well-suited for girls, children, children, babies, children, teenagers, children, children, women and moms, Nice option for a parent or buddy who has a baby and good baby picture accessory.
  • Size: 3,5″ floral chiffon, with clips attached. Sustainable floral hair clips Hairstyling accessories
  • With an alligator clip on the rear, the hair clips can be cut into your hair, no matter how big or small your hair is. Good for some DIY projects since the cloth flowers are easy to use
  • This hair clip with flower is the right option for various occasions! Weekend, baby shower, Christmas, and more. Baby gifts. Clips on your hair, clothes, headbands, caps, handbags, shoes, etc. are simple. The “alligator teeth” of the clip do not go away
ALinmo Baby Girls Clips

8. HipGirl 6pc 2.5″ Hawaii Hawaiian Flower Clips for Hair Dress

Key features:

  • Crop hairpins Hawaiian hair clip with flower is 2.5 inches high. Hawaiian teenage hair clips, coral hair clips, and women’s hibiscus hair clips are the must-have Moana tropical party supplies.
  • The Hawaiian headpiece hair clip with flower for women, hair clips for adolescent women – hair clips Hawaiian plumeria to complement Hawaiian women’s outfits.
  • Hawaiian hair clip with flowers for ladies, Hawaiian hair clips for hair clips in a high-quality box. hair clips for women.
  • Hair bag extensions are safer than a french barrette or plastic barrettes fixed on a single-size alligator hair clip.
  • You’re in fine hair when sliding easily into your hair. Can be added to a woven headband, stroke caps, or kufi hats (sold separately).
  • White hair clips of a petal hue. The rose floral hair clip, purple hair clip, blue hair clip, orange hair clip, and red hair clip are also included.
HipGirl Flower Clips for Hair Dress

9. FANCY CLOUDS Baby Girls Hair Clips with Flowers Bows, Barrettes

Key features:

  • Each hair clip with flower consists of quality materials of the highest standard. It is hand-sewn carefully, pressed, carefully attached, and carefully detailed. Both arches are consistent with CPSIA and handmade in a non-smoking, non-pet household.
  • The consistency of the hair clip with flower is a major concern. Until shipment, all the bows were closely tested and wrapped. We choose only the best bows to sell.
  • Floral size: 2,5; Completely lined single prong barrettes made from very high quality, skin-friendly textile.
  • The colors are white gray orange yellow pink red navy, every floral is tightly secured to a completely lined, non-slip alligator clip, which holds the fist of your girl gently.
  • The sewed pearls, rhinestones too, and you girl will cuter with our hairpins! 10 different pretty, sweet flowers will match several outfits,
  • Excellent option of gift! You’ll get the arches with best terms; you’re using the sumptuous flower pattern gift box to stack our barrels.
FANCY CLOUDS Baby Girls Hair Clips

10. Jesries Store 15 Pack Baby Girls Hair Clips Flowers

Key features:

  • These bright and cute hair clip with flowers are carefully handmade from first-class materials such as cloths, cotton, and linen.
  • For infants, all products, including glue, are 100% healthy. We cut, stitch, press, and stick each part into a smoke-free, animal-free facility, making puffy three-dimensional floral hair clips.
  • These beautiful flower hair clips come in 15 different forms and styles. Color and match: blue, rose, beige, green, green, yellow, and gray. Select for your baby girl your lovely hair clip of the day.
  • Make your baby ever more lovely for some kind of outfit or occasion with this hair clip with flower.
  • Each flower is fitted with a fully lined clip, all clips are wrapped with a ribbon, a soft and durable material.
  • For your kid, it’s healthy and comfy where your delicate, fragile scalp doesn’t get hurt. Heavy grip made that will not fall off the scalp.
  • These enchanting floral hair clips are perfect for birthday celebrations, family picture advisors, baby showers, baby beauty pageants, or outdoor photographs.
Jesries Store Hair Clips Flowers

11. InSowni 20 Pack Alligator Hair Clips Barrettes Big Flower

Key features:

  • Design: Fine craftsmanship. Mode and very big chiffon flowers in the middle of the artificial pearls. Each hair clip with flower is halved or protected by a contrasting ribbon color.
  • Material: Each lotus is manufactured by high-quality chiffon & artificial Perla and fastened with robust metal hair clips. These flower hair clips look chic, lovely, fantastic, stunning, original, and delicious with high-quality materials.
  • Take a snapshot of height (flower diameter: approximately 9 cm/3.5 inches) on the left-hand side. 
  • These hair clips are common with young girls, baby girls, girls, and adolescents. Adult women should even wear them to be more charming.
  • The fabric-wrapped style is much better because it doesn’t tug the fine hair of your little ones.
  • These hair clip with flower would add to your sweet girls’ charm. Well done Alligator clips remain securely and non-slip in the hair of infants.
InSowni Alligator Hair Clips

12. BEAMIO Flower Hair Clip Set-BEAMIO Floral Hair Bow Boutique Alligator Clip

Key features:

  • Size: approx. 2.7 inches, attached to the metal alligator pins. girl’s hair bows. Baby arcs are tightly packed in a beautiful box for gift packing!
  • Simply clip on your hair, clothes, floral headbands, caps, handbags, shoes, etc. The clip’s “alligator claws” prevent it from being slipped.
  • Great for baby headbands, for every reason, girls’ ponytail keeper. Wearing every day, parties, education, photography, sweets, etc.
  • Girls, children, and infants best present. 
  • When she receives the products, they will shock a lot. These little girls look perfect in casual wear or party outfit. They look great. You’re going to enjoy your princess’ look!
  • The CPSIA ideal is any substance of the bow of the women, not harming the skin of infants. Please always supervise babies and little kids when carrying small things (packages).
BEAMIO Flower Hair Clip

13. TOPSTHINK 12 Pack Baby Girl Hair Clips Bows Flowers

Key features:

  • The floral hair clips of these baby girls consist of high-end fabric, knitting, chiffon, pearls, and some other flowers.
  • Delicate, convenient for fine-haired baby girls not inoffensive or skin-friendly. Nice girl’s hair bows.
  • The package includes 12 pcs with various hairstyles available for nearly all baby girl’s outfits.
  • These hair clips are healthy for young girls. The pattern of cartoons is stuck with non-toxic environmental glue.
  • The base of the clip is light and heavy. You should remain in fine and coarse hair and keep your hair out of the face of your kids.
  • Each kit is supplied with a sweet tin coin case, which is ideal for gift donations. It is a decent gift to our headbands.
  • These girl bows are 2,6-3,4 centimeters long. For your little girls, it’s a perfect choice. Baby Girls, Little Girls, Big Girls, and Women, etc. The Hair bows are perfect for kids. (Age best 1 and above)
TOPSTHINK Hair Clips Bows Flowers

14. WillingTee 40pcs 2″ Chiffon Flower Clips Ribbon Lined Clips

Key features:

  • Floral cloth: approx. 2 inches, shades different, and floral hair clips that complement different outfits and occasions.
  • These artificial sunflowers are made of high-quality cloth fabric, they look like genuine flowers, but they are not faded, they remain alive and vibrant.
  • Materials: Chiffon + ribbon + metal clamps, complete ribbon clamping, hair, and skin were not hurt your baby
  • Occasions: Perfect to wear at celebrations, photography, parties, anniversaries, trips, holidays, dances, baptisms, etc. Match well with clothing, t-shirt, cushion, breaker and leggings, clothes, and things.
  • Chiffon flower hair clips (20 Colors in pairs): 40 pcs. It is the perfect matching package for children, babies, children, and little girls with thick and thin hair.
  • These bow clips are also useful for attaching to luggage, headbands, clothes, or accessories, as well as for your craft as DIY materials.
WillingTee Flower Clips Ribbon Lined Clips

15. Dasan Wedding Flower Girl Hair Pins Bride Pearl Hair Piece

Key features:

  • The exquisite bridal hair pieces stand out from their gold-plated copper wire, hand-picked perls, bright rhinestones, and flowers. Have lots of compliments for flower girls or a bridesmaid in a reception, or prom, or other special parties.
  • Tailor-free. Adjustable & flexible, it is suitable for your head, your brides, and flower girls, to match your bride’s height. (for women above 3 years of age and girls)
  • The girl with her floral decoration adds to the bridal party a nice sparkle!
  • The hair accessories are also ideal for all other occasions, such as birthday parties, first communion, wedding, dad & house dancing, etc.
  • A must-have headpiece and congratulations for your little princess.
  • The headpiece can be very easily attached and secured and adapted with the ribbon or bobby pins that can be used to connect it to the hair on the sides of your head.
Dasan Wedding Flower Girl Hair Pins

16. InSowni 2″ Alligator Hair Clips Barrettes Chiffon Flower Bow

Key features:

  • Color: twelve different shades (white, ivory, pink, shell pink, hot pink, red, purple, sky blue, blue, yellow, gray, black). Various colors give your little girls a lot of options.
  • Design: Fine hair accessories made by hand. Modern and shop flowers in the middle of rhinestones and pearls.
  • Half-lined clips make it much better to wear for baby girls. These hair bars make kids charming and attractive to the eye. Well-made alligator hair clips keep securely, non-slip in baby’s hair.
  • These pins look prettier and more exquisite with high-quality fabrics. For kid girls to wear comfortable and fuzzy.
  • Events: pigtail bows are ideal for babies who always wear them. Or to your dear ones as presents.
  • Weight and size: please see the suit for infants, children, and little girls with fine/thick hair in the picture on the left (flora diameter: around 5.5 cm/2-inch, weight: about 3,5 g/pc).
InSowni Alligator Hair Clips Barrettes

17. Oaoleer Flower Clip for Baby Girl, Lightweight Floral Hair Bow

Key features:

  • For children, adults, baby girls, photo ads, holiday, marriage, parent-child, mother present, outing, gift, family gatherings, baby shower birthday presents, these chic Girls Blue Clip with its comfortable, trendy flowers is the perfect pick!
  • Lasting and robust. The fully lined clip protects the hair and skin of the baby. Keep the hair décor flawless for the loveliest ladies.
  • Each floral clip is 100% manufactured with a complete tissue clip and a hot glued stick to prevent drop and injury.
  • This baby girl, lovingly floral, has a beautiful blend of flowers accented by greenery and leaves that looks like natural comfort flowers.
  • The girl baby flower hair clips collection comes in 3 beautiful three-inch color combos with stylish flowers and perfectly lined hair clips.
  • Quite wear-friendly. Girl’s floral clips are stored in a delicious bag, the ideal pick for your present.
Oaoleer Flower Clip

18. JIAHANG Baby Girls Tiny Daisy Flower Hair Clips Floral Barrettes for Infants

Key features:

  • These little hair clip with flowers are of high-quality fabric, knitting, rag, Perla, and other fabrics with artificial flowers, entirely lined with alligator clips.
  • For baby girls with fine hair to wear, very fluffy and cozy. The products used are environmentally sustainable and convenient, safe, and skin-friendly for children.
  • The small flowers are almost draped and ribbon with bow-alligator hair clips. They are fit to baby girls, newborns and infants, kids and girls with heavy or delicate hair, and they can keep their hair well. There’s no need to slide off.
  • They are available in a series of colors including red, blue, orange, violet, white and yellow, and are 10 little flowers. Perfect presents for birthday or Christmas in a delicate package for children.
  • Wonders sweet mini flowers hair accessories, completely lined hairpins, making your children adorable and attractive, really healthy hair accessories. hair accessories.
  • Various colors offer your little girls a range of options that easily complement all kinds of clothes and occasions such as photography, celebrations, birthday parties, baby baptism, etc.
JIAHANG Baby Girls Tiny Daisy Flower Hair Clips

19. QtGirl 40pcs 2″ Mini Hair Bow Grosgrain Ribbon Hair Bows with Alligator Clips

Key features:

  • These hair clip with flower look perfect with casual wear or party clothing. Which may wear or wear on top of ponytails by themselves. Your little princess’ look is going to love you!
  • The hair arcs are sticky with the clips and the body of the hair clips is very soft, easy to use. These hair bows are a fantastic photography advantage for newborns, children, baby and children, a nice present for every reason. photography for photographers.
  • The brilliant color scheme is so lovely and bright; Pair anything you wear for the day; set a great variety of colors to suit your look. Small pieces can choke a child if adult supervision is needed if they become disconnected.
  • 40pcs boutique hair bow, 2′ (5cm) bow size; made from top-quality ribbon grosgrain to hold the bow shape; Attached, very robust, with metal alligator clips! For virtually any event, 100% handmade hair bows are available when appropriate.
QtGirl Mini Hair Bow

20. PABOBIT Hair Clips for Baby Hair Clips Set for Little Girls, Toddler, Kids

Key features:

  • Great for casual wear, celebrations, baby shower, birthday presents, Christmas, photography of the family, holidays, and all of your events!
  • The first-class hair accessory is for the nearest guy, the exquisite and trendy look will not deceive you.
  • These hair clip with flowers will fit any kind of clothing and look amazing both of them. You can wear it alone or on cabbage, and make the baby sweet and adorable.
  • A high-quality baby hair clip is 100% handmade, flower style makes it look more charming and beautiful.
  • Lightweight and soft fabrics can hardly make the hair accessories of your little princess know! The use of this lovely hair clip will make your kid more secure and trustworthy.
  • Each flor is handcrafted carefully, clips are entirely lined by Ribbon Grosgrain. Ensure the children’s wellbeing.
  • The baby hair bugs perform well for the decoration of the girl’s hair; their full-sized appearance helps her to remain slim and safe in her baby’s hair.
PABOBIT Hair Clips for Baby

21. YHXX YLEN 23Pcs Baby Girl Flower and Bow Hair Clips

Key features:

  • Size & Package: 23 mini hair clips with flower in various colors such as red, brown, orange, purple, white, and pink. Perfect presents for birthday or Christmas in a delicate package for children.
  • Materials: – These hair clip with flower has high-quality cotton and are flavored with alligator clips, knitter, chiffon, perle, and other artificial flower materials. For baby girls with fine hair to wear, very fluffy and cozy.
  • Fit age and opportunities: beautiful mini floral hair accessory, completely lined hair clips that make your kids loveable and attractive.
  • Details: – The little bow alligator flowers of the hair clips are entirely ribbed. They are fit to baby girls, newborns and infants, kids and girls with heavy or delicate hair, and they can keep their hair well. There’s no need to slide off.
YHXX YLEN Bow Hair Clips

22. QandSweat 32 Pcs Girls Hair Clips Safety Clip Rhinestone Flower Barrettes

Key features:

  • The brilliant color scheme of the hair clip with flower is so lovely and bright; Pair anything you wear for the day; set a great variety of colors to suit your look.
  • Size: The 2.3-inch Polygonal flowers have the design of the same headband. Size: B015DY9BVG is considered
  • Mounted on single-prong clips of the alligator. Simple hair adhesive. Can be fixed on fabricated headbands, crochet headbands, or Kufi hats.
  • Material: Rhinestone-made Grosgrain ribbon envelops the metal clip completely and securely to carry it so that the baby does not cut his skin.
  • This is the perfect accessory to artificial flowers gift brooch flowers! Birthdays, baby shower, baby presents, Weihnachts, etc.
  • 16 Pairs/32 Pcs hair Flower are available for your outfits from Left to Right, these handmade adorable mini bows of flowers will make you the best accessories for babies every day.
QandSweat Girls Hair Clips Safety Clip

23. FANCY CLOUDS Baby Girl Hair Clips Bows Flowers,10 to 16 Pack Hair Accessories for Girls 

Key features:

  • The colors of hair clip with flowers are green pink violet navy white; every flower has a slip professionally sanded alligator clip tightly fastened to keep your girl’s hair light.
  • Handcrafted set of 10 pcs, Tiny clips; floral dimensions: 2,5″; made of skin-friendly cloth of high quality, attached to filled single clips.
  • The girl’s clips are suitable for children and girls of school age, can match both babies and babies with thin hair.
  • Super choice of gift! You use a fantastic flower pattern gift box to stack our barrettes, which will avoid any squeeze during transportation.
  • 10 various lovely and sweet flowers will complement a lot of dresses, we have even sewn perls, you girl is cuter with the hair clips!
  • Best cloth, cotton, and linen are preferable, they are very weak and strong texture.
FANCY CLOUDS Baby Girl Hair Clips Bows

24. JOYOYO 6 Inch Big Large Hair Bows for Girls

Key features:

  • Hair bows size Girls 6 inches, alligator clip with non-slip teeth on the back: baby bow, baby girls, girl babies and children’s girls; suitable for older and younger school girls, girls size bows. Bow size Girls Bow size: 6 inches long.
  • Ghost bow material: high-quality 150D ribbon of 100% polyester ribbon; creates beautiful bows in form, only if they are tight during transport you need to change the bows.
  • We chose 40 colors; ample colors to suit your girls every day wearing or parties; Classical strong simple colors for you;
  • You can choose the best alligator clip, made of free nickel wire, and not just the skillful handmade clip. the small section is sturdy and strong.
  • Friends and family best gifts: Any girls’ love bows, plenty of girlfriends hair bow clips that are enough to share them, suitable for any event: Birthday, Shower, Baby gifts, Outdoor, Sporting, Christmas Gymnasium and more!
JOYOYO Hair Bows for Girls

25. InSowni 40 Pack/20 Pairs 2″ Solid Chiffon Flower with Rhinestones Pearls 

Key features:

  • Material: Each hair clip with flower is handcrafted with high-quality rags with the center of artificial pears and shingles attached to solid metal clamps.
  • The hair bars look nicer, nice, sophisticated, stunning, exclusive, and elegant because of their good materials.
  • Height and Weight: please see a fine and thick hair suitable for babies, children, and little girls in the size of a fine picture on the left (flora diameter: 5.5 cm/2.2″ approx. weigh: 3.5 g/pc.
  • Design: Fine hair accessories made by hand. Moveable and shop flowers with centerpiece rhinestones and perls.
  • Half-lined clips make baby girls wear much safer. These hair bars make kids charming and attractive to the eyes.
  • Opportunities: These luminous picture clips for smaller children, like the birthday party, pictures, the pageant, or real-life are suitable as props for photographs.
  • Especially on pigeons or pigtails children, these hair clips look cute. Sheets, accessories, decorative bags are also available.
inSowni Chiffon Flower with Rhinestones Pearls

26. SNOWSTAR Baby Girl Hair Clips Bows Flowers Fully Lined Alligator Barrettes

Key features:

  • 20 sweet hair clips with flower – twenty hair clips complement all of the outfits of your little ladies. SNOWSTAR Girl’s glamorous hair clips contain a butterfly, cloud, bow clips, nightclubs, and sequins with trendy elements.
  • Secure wear: Fully covered bows don’t give birth to fine hair, incredibly fluffy, simple to slip off, and appropriate for small girls’ hair
  • Crafted & Breathable Material Hairpin: every Hair Clip has been made from handcrafted, and made out of breathable natural fiber materials such as cotton.
  • Excellent cardboards: All the adorable bows of cotton cloth are packaged in pink cardboard; the lovely cardboard is suitable for children’s storing themselves and doesn’t alter the form of the hair clips due to the extrusion during transport.
  • The Snowstar Hair Clip Kit is a great donation to the girl, baby girl, and baby boy! Match Many opportunities for daily wear, birthdays, Baby Down, Baby Gifts, Weihnachts, and family photography.
SNOWSTAR Baby Girl Hair Clips Bows

27. SUFERMOE 18 Pcs Alligator Hair Clips 2 Inch Chiffon Flower 

Key features:

  • These hair clip with flower also are perfect for belts, headbands, clothes or accessories, or your style as bricks.
  • Different colors Included as seen in the photograph, various colors, combinations of different outfits, are attached with Allianz Clips; 18.
  • Package includes 18 Pcs of Hair Hair Flower Cristal Pearl Color Clips Ideal hair clips gift bows.
  • Occasions: Perfect hair clip with flower for many occasions, including festivities, photography, parties, birthdays, travel, holidays, dancing, baptism, etc.
  • Cloth + artificial perls & crystals. Material. High-quality, exclusive, and exquisite-looking fabrics. Children’s comfort Teens Women wear in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  • Well, match dressed, t-shirt, bodysuit, breaker, sneakers, leggings, clothes, and other accessories.
  • Design: Fine craftsmanship. Moveable and beautiful crystal and pearl flowers in the middle. It’s going to make you lovely and attractive. Well done clips make the bows remain securely in the hair, not take off.
SUFERMOE Alligator Hair Clips

28. Bocianelli Girls Flower Wreath Headpieces Headband Handmade Adjustable Hair Flower

Key features:

  • Adjustable: The fairy princess roses, leaves, pearls, tulles are hand attached to a metal wire that can be adjusted and worn either around the head of the child or in the foreheads.
  • Wreath of Flowers: Alloy, alloy, rhinestone, quartz, Perla, gold medal. It can be mixed to be adjusted for any kind of hairstyle.
  • Handmade: Handmade hair clip with flower for wedding hair Headband. – Headband. Each headpiece will be ordered. The discrepancy from the pictures could be minor.
  • Must be the headpiece of a fairy princess: A retro look is made up of gold maples, roots, champagne tulle, beadache pearls, or centered rhine flowers. 
  • It is really sweet and informative and it looks like a princess, a bride, or just about every enigmatic girl you try to teach.
  • Size: Floral corona headpiece Belt is about 7.9″ x 3.5″ (L x W).
  • This golden headband looks like a priceless treasure, with flowers inlaid with simply rhinestone leaves and ivory perilla on twisted metal.
Bocianelli Girls Hair Flower

29. FIOBEE 2.75″ Rose Hair Clip Flower Hairpin Rose Brooch Floral Clips

Key features:

  • Set of 3 rose pink hair clip with flower — 3 rose pcs boutique clips, you will find a fantastic paint red to complement every princess costume. These rose clips are ideal for mothers, young people, and children.
  • Weak and sturdy clips —Floral clips are ca. 2.75″, high-quality, sturdy metal clips and brooches fall, keeping the hair trendy during the day.
  • Fantastic clip for any opportunity
  • Dress up for photographing your princess – these rose hair clips would make her look lovely and glamorous. For birthdays, fiestas, Christmas or wedding, etc., in particular
  • Further use—Your hair clip and brooch pins are simple and comforting to use, rose brooch may also be used by the bridesmaid.
  • Not only can these rose hair clips be seen at the reception, but they can also offer you great beauty in your everyday lives.
  • The excellent style will make you stylish and charming, you still look stunning and distinguished!
FIOBEE Hair Clip Flower Hairpin

30. Belle Beau Baby Girls Felt Hair Bows for Kids Toddlers Girls

Key features:

  • Initial designs: the designs of Belle Beau hair clip with flowers are often original, trendy, and trendy. This cool handmade feeling snaps hair clip kit is crafted by a group of young moms beautifully and attentively.
  • Designs may be replicated but it is impossible to copy our artistic thought and genuine passion for babies.
  • Handmade with Love and Care: Each bow piece has a lot of passion, love, patience, and great care crafted by young moms handmade.
  • They use high-quality materials, from the felt material to the clips and glue, to any other aspect of the product.
  • Thick and cleanly cut felt cloth in these clips. The little fragments are tightly sewn together. There are no loose threads or sticky cords.
  • Comfort and safety design: Wear soft and secure without slipping from the hair of your child. Simple to put on the hair of a boy.
  • Pretty Packaging: 10 floral hair clips accompany this package. It’s well packed, so it’s great for gift donations!
Belle Beau Baby Girls Felt Hair Bows
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